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In a good old fashioned throw down, The Launch has entered the 102.9 WMGK official Houseband Competition. WMGK, 102.9, is one of Philadelphia's premier radio stations and is an all around grand purveyor of Classic Rock and Roll. Evidence of this goes well beyond their good taste in music, song selection, and content flow. It reaches into the community. The Houseband Competition gives MGK the opportunity to spotlight local music and help promote local artist endeavors. Thursday's contest will showcase four local bands, four different interpretations, four styles and presentations. It should be a night of a lot of fun at a place that is known for fun and games - Dave and Buster's. That's a win win! Of course The Launch is requesting the honor of your presence at this event to help support the band and secure a victory but more importantly, it's one more chance for The Launch to hang out with good friends!

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