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History at The Queen Theater

The Launch will be performing at the Queen Theater in Wilmington, Delaware Saturday, June 8th, beginning at 8:00 PM, as the opening act for Trial By Fire, a Journey tribute band, from North Carolina.

The Queen Theater is a storied venue rooted deeply in the history of Wilmington. In the early 1800's it was originally opened as a hotel and served as such until 1916, when it was converted to a movie theater. The Queen was closed in 1959, locked up, and dormant for 50 years. After a 25 million dollar renovation, The Queen reopened in 2011. Live Nation took over management of The Queen in 2017. The Queen has been called the jewel of downtown Wilmington and is a sterling example of urban renewal. Now the Queen offers a wide array of the lively arts be it The Launch on the 8th or Nora Jones on the 22nd, the venue's history will amass as surely as the prestige it will lend to the city of Wilmington.

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