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Don't Stop Me Now

The Launch's creative interpretative of the song "Don't Stop Me Now" by The Launch's bassist Stu Franks.

The Queen song "Don't Stop Me Now" was introduced to the public in 1978 as a cut from Queen's album titled, "Jazz." The band released the song as a single the following year to rather modest results. It only reached the number 86 position on Billboard's Hot 100 listing and though it did better in the United Kingdom, reaching the number nine position on the singles chart, it received far less popularity in comparison to Queen's 22 top smash hits in their native country of Great Britain. In fact, when Queen toured US arenas to promote the release of "Jazz," the song was not even performed a single time. The song can serve as inspiration to everyone to hold fast to their dreams, believe in themselves, and to keep faith in their own creativity because sometimes turn about is fair play. Now, 41 years after the fact, the song is towering in popularity. In the past six months alone, the song has been featured in national advertising for Toyota, Silk almond milk, Amazon, and L'oreal. Credit goes to the huge success of the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody" obviously but also to the song's power of positivity and it's message of self empowerment. Today you may even be able to catch the song performed live at a Launch show. With so many great Queen songs to choose from, it's sure that The Launch will have a bounty of material to consider.

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