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When the old is new

As anticipated with the release of the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody" November 1st, its acclaim, success, and subsequent wins at the Academy Awards for Best Actor, Best Sound Mixing; and Golden Globe wins for Best Motion Picture and Best Actor, the band Queen is experiencing heightened interest and awareness; resulting in a flood of new fans. The strategic roll out of retro Queen continued with the movie's digital platform release in mid January, followed by DVD and Blue-ray releases in mid February. Now comes word that a full 16 Queen songs will reenter Billboard Magazine's current Hot Rock Songs list. The pallet of material The Launch will choose from will be wide because beyond the 16 mega smash hit list, Queen was also prolific in composing meaningfully timeless quality songs. Expect The Launch to introduce classics and some surprises in interpretation and presentation. Fun is on the way!

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